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EarthWorm/GlowWorm – European Mobile Early Warning System


Earthworm/Glowworm display applications


There are currently 3 Earthworm applications that can display data. All of them get their data from a waveserver and connects via TCP/IP. Other applications are available in Glowworm

Waveviewer: Windows application used to visualize the content of a waveserver. Can display traces in real-time or can be used to visualize data recorded a few hours or days ago, depending of the size of the waveserver buffers. The current version fails to display tracebuf message having only 1 sample such as RSAM data. These messages will cause waveviewer to loop forever so it is better not to include RSAM channels in the waveserver until this problem is fixed.

Helicorder: generates a gif image of the last 12 hours of seismicity (drum simulation). The original version runs on Solaris only but it was ported to Windows by the Glowworm team.

Seismogram: generates a sonogram image of the last 12 hours of seismicity. The image can be updated every few minutes.

Glowworm adds the following modules:

LaharDisplay.exe: Receives display information from the TCPIP server in Lahar.exe.

RSAM.exe: RSAM reads TYPE_TRACEBUF messages produced by Ew2Rsam.exe, displays the data, monitors the data for events, and stores the data in either BOB files or ascii text files. If an event or tremor is detected, RSAM will send a TYPE_MEMO message to vhMailMan (or vhPageMaster in beta testing). RSAM also provides a TCPIP server in order to run remote displays of the data using RsamDisplay.

RsamDisplay.exe: Receives display information from the TCPIP server in Rsam.exe.