GGBase: continuous GPS acquisition and RINEX conversion


GGBase from Terrasat configures one or more GPS receivers to continuously output phase information, data is then collected and converted into Rinex files. GGBase was designed for reference station but can also be used for acquisition of a network of GPS receivers. Several brands of receivers are supported, a user interface display status of each receivers with number of satellites seen.


The current version of GGBase do not support connection via socket to the TCP gateway. A serial-to-socket converter must be used such as DialOut/IP which creates a virtual serial port. Data sent to this serial port is captured and redirected to a TCP connection. When data is received by this TCP connection it is sent to the virtual serial port and hence to GGBase.

Install DialOut/IP following manufacturer’s instructions and select the parameters as shown below, eventually changing the IP address and port number:

COM ports already in use by Windows are not displayed in the list of available COM port. If this is a problem there is a workaround: in the Control Panel, System, remove the COM port that you need to emulate. Launch DialOut, select Ports… the COM port should now appear in the list. More details can be found directly on Tactical software web site.

If you want to use the same system with a existing DOS application try TNGLASS which comes with the PC/TCP suite from Netmanage (formerly FTP software). I have not tested it and I know that it will not work with all DOS applications.


Processing of the GGBase files is done with GeoGenius and the autoprocess tcl script. This script is not able to detect if a RINEX file is closed or if data is still appended by GGBase. To avoid processing an opened file, it is necessary that GGBase copies the file to another directory for processing. This feature is not implemented so a simple batch was created.

Copy CopyFile.cmd into the GGBase installation directory. On Win95/98 it might be necessary to rename .cmd as .bat.
Then add a Zip writer to the Rinex writer and choose the above file as the zip executable. The parameter is the destination directory.