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RtEngine – European Mobile Early Warning System


Real-time GPS processing (not tested)


The RtEngine from Waypoint Consulting could probably be used to provide deformation information in real-time, updated at each epoch. RTKNav, the user-friendly version, costs approximately 6500 USD for 5 remotes. GPS receivers must be configured to output phase information every 30 seconds on their serial ports.

Ideally data would be sent to the RtEngine for immediate processing and simultaneously to GGBase for creation of RINEX file for post-processing. Two signals would be created: instantaneous and average deformation.


Each GPS receiver is connected to a TNC or Spread-spectrum transceiver. RtEngine does not support socket connection to access data from the TCP gateway. So a serial-to-socket converter must be used. For more information on this topic read the description of GGBase.

An application must be written to process output from RtEngine and insert the data into the EMEWS database.