West Systems geochemical stations

Geochemical instruments from West Systems


West Systems manufactures instruments designed for automatic monitoring of gases or water. Current products available are:


All instruments are controlled with the WS_Net application. WS_Net runs on the Windows platform and periodically connects to each remote instruments to download new data. Several connection options are available in WS_Net such as direct cable, GSM or radio. The recommended option is to use a TCP gateway to connect to the wireless network. When using a TCP gateway the socket connection option must be enabled in WS_Net.

The data downloaded from each remote station can be stored in the proprietary database or in an EMEWS database. When stored in the EMEWS database, the geochemical data can be plotted with DbPlot or the future GeoDa. Such tools can simultaneously plot geochemical and other physical data such as deformation or seismicity, hence facilitating comparison.

For more information on geochemical measurements refer to West Systems’ web site.